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Occupy Wall Street movement in Phoenix for one year anniversary

In downtown Phoenix, a relatively small crowd of demonstrators turned out on the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.

Some people wore masks and others carried signs. All wanted to fight back against corporate greed and inequality.

“Another world is necessary outside the capitalistic system,” said a protestor who refused to give his or her name.

The group of about three dozen people marched to the county jail and a few financial institutions to the beat of a drum and chants.

“It represents a lot of the economic interests in this town which have really failed to provide the services they say they are doing,” said a man who identified himself as Rob. “They’re spending a lot of money and not getting us anywhere.”

There were events scheduled in over 30 cities worldwide. While the event in Phoenix remained loud but peaceful, there were arrests in other cities.

On a local and national level, the movement today was a mere shadow of its mighty beginnings.