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Mesa Fire now utilizing pet-saving rescue kits

For pet lovers, the thought of losing your best pal in a fire is tragic.

Firefighters have always made efforts to save the lives of animals rescued from burning building with equipment designed for humans, but thanks to a generous donation made in memory of Hon. Gerald David Jutila of Mesa, every engine will now be equipped with Fido Bags.

“We’re excited to be able to add a little something where it can make a difference in somebody’s life, especially when you have a horrific situation happen,” said Mesa Fire Cpt. Forrest Smith.

The Fido Bags will let firefighters have quick access to pet oxygen masks, splints, specialized gloves and leashes, among other items. In addition, firefighters have had video training on how to help man’s best friend.

About 40,000 pets die every year from smoke inhalation as a result of fires, according to the Mesa Fire Department.