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Arizonans still confused over booster seat law

Operators at Triple-A of Arizona are staying busy fielding calls about the state’s new booster seat law.

“Since the provision went into effect, Triple-A received calls on a daily basis from parents and caregivers about the new provision,” said Michelle Donati, spokeswoman for Triple-A of Arizona.

Donati said, partly based on the volume of calls, they’ve compiled a list on their website of frequently asked questions. She said the information is easy to read and understand, compared to reading the state statute.

The new provision, enacted on Aug. 2, requires children younger than 8-years-old or less than 4-foot-9 to sit in a child-safety seat, such as a booster seat, when riding in a vehicle.

Violators are subject to a $50 penalty under the latest requirements, but the fine can be avoided if the person later equips the vehicle with a restraint system.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, proper use of a safety seat can reduce a child’s fatality risk up to 71 percent.