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Rise in primetime TV nudity worries advocacy group

PHOENIX — The Parents Television Council said it has found a “shocking” spike in nudity during primetime television.

The number of TV scenes containing nudity is up 400 percent from last year and it’s being shown earlier. That figure includes scenes with pixilated or blurred nudity. But child-behavior expert Deanne Davies said she has bigger worries.

“I am more concerned with the amount of ‘f-bombs’ than I am nudity on television,” she said.

The Parents Television Council found that audiences are hearing 2,400 percent more muted f-bombs than we did in 2005.

Davies said parents should be aware of what their children are watching and decide what they are allowed to watch based on their own values.

While Davies may not be as concerned about nudity, she is worried about kids and the amount of porn available.

“Whenever we cross the line into pornography, however the family defines that, it is an area of concern,” she said.

The Federal Communications Commission has a backlog of more than 1.5 million indecency complaints.