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Despite recession, food waste continues

Despite the recession, the unemployment rate and other such factors, Americans appear to be wasteful, a study said.

According to, “Recent spikes in food prices have led to increasing concern about global food shortages and the apparent need to increase agricultural production. Surprisingly little discussion has been devoted to the issue of food waste.’

Plosone conducted research and according to the study, “We found that US per capita food waste has progressively increased by about 50 percent since 1974.”

In addition, “15 to 20 percent of food dollars are wasted.”

Research that’s a bit disheartening for those who try to satiate the hunger of Valley residents.

Saint Mary’s Food Bank assists nearly 100 families every day. The line starts forming early, and by the time the last people leave, about 1,000 emergency food boxes have been distributed. In fact, it’s estimated that one in four Arizona kids do not have enough to eat.

“We’re just not in a situation in this country where we can waste the food because there are so many people here who need it,” said Jerry Brown, the food bank’s spokesman.

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