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Parents with kids at home feel less secure about jobs, savings than other adults, survey says

Parents with children under 18 feel less secure in their jobs and levels of savings than adults without children or whose children are grown, as shown in a new survey by

When it comes to job security, 22 percent of parents with kids under the age of 18 feel less security than last year, compared with 13 percent of adults with no kids younger than 18.

On the topic of money in savings, 11 percent of fathers with children younger than 18 are more comfortable with their savings now than last year, compared with 22 percent of other men.

The numbers overall are better than in previous months, but still not high enough to indicate that people feel better about their jobs, savings, debt, net worth and overall financial situation than last year.

“All five components of the Financial Security Index … rose this month, but that was not enough to tip the index back into positive territory,” said Greg McBride, CFA,’s senior financial analyst about the survey.