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Wife’s idea leads to delicious Valley business

One Valley man gave his wife her wish and it’s paying off for the couple’s business.

Racha Mayta used to work for Chase Bank, but when she married Sam Alsadi, he told her she could stay home.

“I said, ‘OK fine, I’ll just kick it,'” said Mayta. “Then I got really, really bored in a short period of time … because my kids are grown.”

Mayta had always wanted to open her own deli, and came up with the idea for a deli that could be located in a corner of Alsadi’s Pump-N-Munch convenience store at 35th Avenue and Cactus Road. Alsadi rejected the idea because they would have to expand the building.

But Mayta wouldn’t give up.

“I made a business plan,” she said. “I said ‘Are we going to have the deli or no?’ And he said, ‘No, it’s too much work, we would have to expand.’ So I said, ‘OK, I have a business plan ready and I am going to go rent a spot.’ He looked at me and said ‘Whoa, she is serious.’ ”

When Alsadi finally agreed, the couple opened the Eat This! Deli and Grill in a corner of the store in 2010. When asked why he fought it so long, Alsadi joked that “I’m an old-timer. It takes me a while to change.”

The eatery has become a neighborhood favorite, especially with students from Moon Valley High School, which is across the street. The deli features fresh-made Philly cheesesteaks, hamburgers, catfish filets and more.

“The cheesesteaks are great, the gangster fries are great,” said customer Dan Kibbler. “It’s really good food.”

Things have gone so well for the couple that they have opened a second Eat This! inside a gas station and convenience store at 35th Avenue and Union Hills Drive.