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Scottsdale bar invites Ben Quayle to host pool party

A Scottsdale bar has invited Rep. Ben Quayle to host a pool party after reports surfaced of a naked romp in the Sea of Galilee.

While Quayle denied seeing or doing anything inappropriate and the only lawmaker who was naked apologized, the Spanish Fly Mexican Beach Club is still interested in having Quayle come by for a good time, but his bathing suit has to stay on.

“If Congress Gone Wild wants a sequel where better than Spanish Fly,” said Spanish Fly Marketing Director Brian Ruede in a press release. “It’s close to Congressman Quayle’s district and home, we have enough space for his colleagues and there’s great food and drink in the same location. The only bad news is that our liquor license doesn’t permit nudity so Congressman Yoder may be disappointed.”

Ruede also said that Quayle may be able to use the event to gain supporters ahead of next week’s primary.