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Two arrested in connection with truck theft, shooting

Two people were arrested Monday after a 30-year-old man was shot in Glendale, the Glendale Police Department said.

The victim spotted his friend’s truck near 51st Ave. and Olive just before the shooting, but his friend wasn’t behind the wheel. The truck was being stolen.

“When he looked into the passenger compartment of that vehicle, it was not being driven by his friend,” said Glendale Police Sgt. Brent Coombs. “His curiosity got the best of him and he began to following the vehicle. The person driving the stolen vehicle actually produced a handgun and fired.”

The victim sustained a non-life threatening gunshot wound before pulling over and calling police.

Undercover agents followed the truck to a home near 35th Ave. and Camelback and arrested two people.

No names have been released in the case.