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Setting routine for schoolkids gives them boost

For school-aged kids, getting back into the swing of things can be a challenge.

Easier said than done, but sticking to a daily routine can give your child an edge when it comes to excelling in school and life.

“When kids have consistency and routine and they can predict what’s going to happen, they feel more secure and they’re more successful,” Michelle Cardini, co-founder of the non-profit MASK, Mothers Awareness on School-Aged Kids said.

Whether it’s a morning or afternoon schedule, address the possibility that it might need some tweaking, “talking as a family together, trying to figure out ways you can improve it to make it a little smoother — what worked last year, what didn’t work. Maybe adjusting it a little bit,” Cardini said.

Some of her suggestions for getting children on a workable schedule include designating a time and place for study, having them fill out a to-do list, encouraging them to keep their supplies, clothing, equipment and personal belongings organized.