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New stadium features await Cardinals fans

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Arizona Cardinals fans heading to Friday’s preseason game against the Oakland Raiders will notice some new things inside University of Phoenix Stadium.

One change is when a coach throws the challenge flag, fans will see what the referee sees.

“One of the additions that the NFL has instituted at stadiums this year is that, when the referee goes ‘under the hood’ [to watch a replay of a play that is being challenged], that same feed will be up on our video board,” said John Drum, Cardinals vice president of operations. “What the referees are seeing, the fans will be able to see inside the stadium.”

Drum said the team is looking forward to the addition because fans will no longer have to wait for the call.

“This new addition by the league is something that we welcome,” he said. “I think it’s something that the fans will also enjoy. There was always kind of that not knowing what was going on, not knowing what the referee was seeing.

“Certainly, the fans saw the play in person when it was happening, but to see the replay close up is really going to be a great addition to the game day experience at University of Phoenix Stadium.”

Drum said the Cardinals have added message boards in the corners of the stadium that will give the fans more information.

“Scores from around the league,” he said. “When we get to the regular season, it will have the all-important fantasy football stats to find out how teams are doing.”

One thing that won’t be new Friday is a sellout crowd, No. 64. “That’s a tremendous show of support in the Valley,” Drum said. The team has sold each every home game since its debut in the stadium.