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Valley CEO quits job after ‘accidental’ email

PHOENIX — An ill-advised communication has cost a Valley CEO his job.

According to the Arizona Republic, Green Global CEO Mike Hoffman ‘accidentally’ sent an email this week to Councilwoman Jenn Daniels, asking her to reconsider her vote in turning down a contract for his company.

He seemingly offered campaign help in exchange for Dnaiels’ vote on the company’s proposal to put solar panels on streetlights.

Hoffman has resigned.

Michael Hayes with Momentum Specialized Staffing said many people have sent off a regrettable email, adding that trying to cover it up makes the situation worse.

“Don’t make excuses. Just fall on the sword,” Hayes said.

Maybe someone has sent out a nasty instant message to the boss, or a co-worker. In almost all cases that adds up to one thing.

“You could end up getting fired,” Hayes said.

And Hayes said social media is the last place to vent about bosses.

“That gets out a lot faster and you can’t delete it fast enough and everybody is going to see it.”

To add insult to injury, an embarrassing email often goes well beyond the intended recipient.

“That email could get forwarded out to the entire company and people love to send out issues like that. So you could have a huge forest fire of information.”