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Face of Jesus found on Texas tortilla?

Things are getting a little more Christian in southern Texas.

According to the Bee-Picayune writer Paul Gonzales, a man, Ernesto Garza, brought the possibly holy tortilla into the newsroom.

Garza said he was eating his taco, but set it down to kill a flying insect. When he looked down, the face of Jesus was staring back at him.

“I’d been eating it and hadn’t seen it,” Garza said. “It made me a little nervous. I was wondering what was going on here.”

Aside from possibly seeing Jesus’ face on his tortilla, Garza said another odd thing happened on that fateful morning.

“I usually get up and go to the counter to get my taco,” Garza recalled. “But this morning, a little girl, about five years old, brought my tacos to my table.”

Garza said he had never seen the little girl before.

The tortilla is currently in Garza’s refrigerator while he figures out what to do with it.