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Olympics spur flag sales at Valley store

PHOENIX — After U.S. Olympian Gabby Douglas accepted a
gold medal, she said hearing the national anthem and
seeing the U.S. flag raised during her medal ceremony
was an honor.

Other people are beaming with pride over America during
the Olympics. So much so that they are buying a new
American flag.

Kay Marie King is the co-owner of All the King’s Flags in
Phoenix and she said sales of American flags have gone up
during the Games.

“There’s a lot of personal pride that
people are feeling,” said King. “Certainly the United
States flag is always popular here, but I’d say it’s a
little more popular right now.”

King said that more of her customers seem to be ‘getting
into’ the Olympics. “For some reason, it seems like a
bigger deal this year,” King said. “Maybe it’s just my
imagination, but it seems like a really big deal this
year. I think everybody’s really enjoying it.”

The Olympic flag and the British flag are also big sellers in her store.

“We had one fellow who bought tons of different Olympic
paraphernalia to put up around his house,” said King.
“He wanted to outdo his neighbor, who does a lot of
decorating for Christmas. He even said he has a Big Ben
that he’s going to put up in his front yard.”

King said the Scottsdale man told her that he would have
the up-to-date U.S. Olympic medal count also displayed in
his front yard.