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Phoenix ranks among cities who curse most at work

The “F-bomb” could get you fouled at work.

“If you ever watch George Carlin’s those seven words you can’t use on TV, I think I’ve used every one of them,” joked Michael D. Hayes, with Momentum Specialized Staffing, adding that is why he bought his own company, so he could curse.

Hayes said there is always a time and place for everything, and suggested you keep that in mind when you interact with other co-workers.

Some workplace environments are conducive for certain types of conversations, but foul-mouthed employees could be disciplined for using expletives.

According to a Harris Interactive study, 64 percent of employers said “they would think less” of an employee who used colorful language in the workplace. Fifty-seven percent said they’d be “less likely” to promote someone who curses.

The study included more than 2,000 hiring managers and 3,800 workers across industries and company sizes.

Phoenix was named in the study, falling into the top 10 list for cities where workers would most like likely swear at work.

The city most likely to swear at work was Washington, D.C., according to the survey.