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Police urge walking safety as kids head back to school

Hundreds of East Valley students are going back to school this Monday.

Chandler Police Det. Seth Tyler said parents should create a set route with kids if they are walking or riding their bikes.

“Walk that route with your child or drive that route,” he said. “Make sure that your child knows the street names that they’re are walking on or riding their bicycle route. Make sure they use that route — going to school and coming home from school — everyday. If there’s a problem with the route and they want to change it, they have to let you know.”

Tyler also suggested pointing out refuge areas along the way to school, such as a church or a business, in case they come accross a dangerous or suspicious situation.

“Point out some areas of refuge in the event that your child encounters someone suspicious or something dangerous that your child can run to and take some refuge in,” he said.