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Two men shot in Phoenix drive-by shooting

Police are looking for a shooter and a driver of a white Dodge Intrepid that were involved in a drive-by shooting near 24th Street and Roeser Road on Thursday.

“It was driven by a black female and she had a black male passenger,” said Phoenix Police Sgt. Tommy Thompson.

Several people were talking outside the home when the shooting took place.

“For some reason, the black male passenger began to fire at those people,” said Thompson. “He struck two of the individuals. One was shot in the foot and one was shot in the waist area.”

A 1-year-old boy was also outside the home but was not injured.

“The one who was shot in the waist actually had a 1-year-old son,” said Thompson. “He went to the ground to make sure he protected that child and that’s when we beleive he was shot.”

Thompson said both victims are expected to recover.

It’s not clear what motive was behind the shooting.