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AT&T announces new coverage plan, could cost customers more

AT&T just came out with new coverage plans, but they
could hurt your wallet, according to CNNMoney.

AT&T announced Wednesday it will start offering shared data
plans for smartphones, tablets and other similar gadgets,
according to the article. Under the new “mobile share” plan,
all devices in a household will pull from the same data
allotment. Verizon launched a similar plan on June 28.

For many AT&T customers, the new plans could be more
expensive. Currently, the least expensive smartphone plan at
AT&T is $60 a month, according to the article. That plan
gives users 300 MB of data and 450 voice minutes per month.
The cheapest mobile share plan at AT&T costs $85 a month and
comes with 1 GB of data.

Current AT&T customers can keep their existing plans even if
they upgrade their phones for now, according to the article.
Starting in late August, existing and new customers will be
able to choose either shared-data plan.