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Arizona Democrat calls birther investigation a ‘waste’

An Arizona Democratic leader has spoken out against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation into President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

“He just wasted time and money on something that has been debunked, something that has been explained,” said Frank Camacho, Arizona Democratic Party Spokesman.

Camacho said that, not only is the furthering of the investigation embarrassing for Arizona, but it also ineffectual.

“Just watch this,” he said. “You listen to their explanations and how lame their explanations were. The simple fact of the matter is, they have no authority, they have no jurisdiction in Hawaii.”

Democratic State Representative Ruben Gallego said this is, above all, an embarrassment and a slap to the law enforcement community and that Arpaio is using taxpayer dollars to engage in conspiracy theories and that’s shameful.

“It’s time for him to retire because he’s not a responsible law enforcement official anymore,” said Gallego.

Camacho said he believes Arpaio is attempting to divert attention away from the start of his racial profiling trial, scheduled to begin Thursday.