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Realtors square off in Valley-based reality TV show

PHOENIX — The crush of foreclosures in the Valley has wrought a Thursday-night Discovery Channel reality-TV show that pits realtors against each other as they try to outbid each other on foreclosure properties. That they haven’t seen.

“I personally hate to lose and we’re bidding against each other every single day,” said one Doug Hopkins, one of the personalities featured on Property Wars, which premiered last week.

Hopkins, of Red Brick Realty in the East Valley and, said instead of buying storage lockers for hundreds of dollars, the realtors are buying up foreclosures for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“We’re competing against each other to see who has the most money and who can buy the house.”

It’s not the cable network’s bucks they’re playing with, it’s the realtors’ own dollars’

“This is our money and we make or break depending on the house and the buy we got.”

Ed and Lou from New York, Steve and Ed from Los Angeles, and John Ray of Phoenix also are featured on the show.

Some of the clips are intense. Screaming matches break out between the realtors. And there’s nothing fake about it, according to Hopkins.

“That happens every day. There’s some of us that don’t like each other. There’s some of us that get along and are friendly competitors.”

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