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Mesa police go after jaywalkers

MESA, Ariz. — Mesa police are on the lookout for
who don’t use the crosswalk.

Five pedestrians have been killed in accidents this
year — four of them were jaywalking. Police
are taking action.

“Our officers that are out there, specifically our
traffic officers, have a directive that if they see
individuals crossing against the lights or riding bicycles
inappropriately, they stop and make contact with those
folks,” said police Detective Steve Barry.

One area they are watching is near the light-rail station
at Main and Sycamore streets.

“We haven’t had any
specific pedestrian-related accidents in that area, but
it’s an area where there’s a lot of activity, so we have
focused a lot of attention to that area,” said Barry.

He said that officers have a message for people that they
stop near the light rail.

“Catching that train, as
opposed to waiting for the next one, or catching that bus
as opposed to the next one and running out into the
roadway is just not safe,” Barry said.

“You can catch
the next as opposed to getting hit by a car.”

Police haven’t given out tickets yet, but Barry
said that’s up to the officer’s discretion. Mesa is
trying to avoid a repeat of 2008, when eight pedestrians died in accidents.