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Tattoo convention prepared for weekend stay

Thousands of people are expected to show up at the Phoenix Convention Center this weekend to get a tattoo.

Over 200 tattoo artists will be offering their services as the Timeless Ink Tour stops in Phoenix. Artist Johnny Quintana said attendees can get just about any kind of tattoo you want.

“Some people have books…that have images that you can choose from or we can actually create some stuff for you, so you can go home with existing artwork or something that nobody else has,” he said.

Organizer Lacy Dupras said that there is more than just tattoos at the event.

“We wanted to give it something else — a car show, a concert — to bring in all types of people,” she said. “You can bring your family.”

Quintana said that tattooing as become much more mainstream and that there is more than enough interest in the subject to hold a convention.

“It’s become a broad art form,” he said. “A lot of people have been getting into it. We have college graduates who are tattooing, we have artists who have been gallery painters who have converted to tattooing.”

The Timeless Ink Tour also features a car show with about 90 classic cars and live music. The event runs through Sunday.