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Prescott doctor arrest for prescription fraud

A Prescott doctor accused of having sex with an
underage patient is now under arrest for prescription

Dwight D’Evelyn with the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office
said that Doctor Randy Spicer is accused of prescribing
narcotic medications to patients without medical

The Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking taskforce had
been monitoring Spicer’s practice.

“Our task force had received some information concerning
Doctor Spicer, and we were able to verify that Doctor
Spicer had been issuing these prescriptions for absolutely
no medical reason,” D’Evelyn said.

Spicer was out on bond for the sex charge when he was
arrested Wednesday at the Clearwater Medical Center in

“They also documented several violations that included an
agreement by Doctor Spicer to profit from medications he
knowingly proscribed for resale on the street,” D’Evelyn

He is believed to have been prescribing narcotics
fraudulently since the beginning of the year.