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Monsoon unloads rain, wind on Valley

PHOENIX — The monsoon delivered quite a punch to the Valley overnight.

In addition to the spectacular thunder and lightning show, Charlotte Dewey with the National Weather Service said Thursday most of the Valley received rainfall.

Some areas of Paradise Valley and Scottsdale received up to three-quarters of an inch of rain. Sky Harbor had about a quarter-inch of rainfall.

The storm knocked out traffic lights and a billboard and cooled off temperatures.

“It was a good storm,” Dewey said. “We got quite a bit of rain out of it and we needed it. It was actually quite a few storms, they were isolated and scattered. It was not any one large storm but storms kept popping up one after another.”

Dewey said there could be more storm activity today.

“Hard to pinpoint where the storms are going to develop and move but Phoenix has a good chance of seeing storms through Saturday.”