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Rep. Schweikert: Americans lied to about Obamacare

PHOENIX — The U.S. House will vote Wednesday to fully repeal what Rep. David Schweikert called the “Healthcare Takeover Law.”

Schweikert, R-Ariz., said the real battle will come in the Senate.

“With Harry Reid and the Democrats controlling the Senate, it has been very, very difficult to get quality legislation or even a hearing over there,” he said.

Schweikert said most Arizonans have no idea of all the hidden taxes in the health-care law.

“I don’t think even the people who support the law understand all of the hidden taxes woven through it,” he said.

Schweikert said said those hidden taxes total about $500 million over seven years.

“Aside from the health-care aspects and the cost it has on companies, taxpayers and individuals, anything that contributes so forcefully to the deficit is an economy killer,” said Schweikert’s colleague, Rep. Jeff Flake.

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