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Huppenthal: Arizona working to challenge students

Arizona kids may not be challenged enough in school.

A U.S. Department of Education study said 37 percent of fourth graders said math is too easy and 57 percent of eighth graders said history is too easy.

Arizona Superintendent John Huppenthal said that, despite national statistics, Arizona schools are making progress.

“Our schools are progressively doing better,” he said. “Right now, we rank somewhere around 20th in the nation in the quality of our schools.”

Huppenthal said Arizona is challenging students by using a blended learning environment.

“Students are in digital environments for part of the day and they’re in classroom environments for part of the day,” he said.

The digital technology helps keep students engaged.

“They move right to the edge of their ability, so they’re in an environment in which they’re challenged right at the edge, every day,” said Huppenthal.

According to Huppenthal, teacher training is still a top priority.