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Arizona AG Horne: Obamacare vote ‘symbolic’

PHOENIX — Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne said there will be no surprises in Washington on Wednesday when the U.S. House votes on what is called “Obamacare.”

“The House will repeal Obamacare. The Senate will not. It’s a symbolic gesture to set up the contrast for voters when the decide on the president and Senate in November,” he said.

Horne said legally the Supreme Court has approved Obamacare but its future in the hands of American voters.

“In a representative republic you want people to decide if they want this or not.”

Arizona was one of 26 states that sued the federal government over the law. Backlash over the health-care bill helped Republicans win elections and take control of the House in 2010.

Horne believes that the same situation could happen in the Senate come November.