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Highway 87 reopened, Canyon Fire rages on

Highway 87 has been reopened in northern Arizona, but the fight against the Canyon Fire continues.

The Canyon
Fire had parts of the 87 closed most of Saturday and Sunday morning
in the
Coconino National Forest, mainly in the Winslow area. The fire has now reached
over 5,000 acres.

The fire is located approximately 15 miles northeast of the Blue
Reservoir in the Jacks Canyon area.

The fire is expected to grow to the northeast, where there is very
foliage for it to spread. Around 150 personnel are working to keep
fire from spreading to the south, where it would threaten homes.

No structures are threatened as of now by the Canyon Fire, which
just after 7:00 a.m. Friday.

Authorities believe the fire was started by lightning.

No residents have been asked to evacuate the area.