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Nogales firefighter critical after hit-and-run

NOGALES, Ariz. -— A Nogales firefighter is in critical condition
Saturday after a driver ran over him with an SUV in Tucson and fled the

The Nogales International reports
that firefighter Sterling Lytle was taken to University Medical Center in
Tucson with life-threatening injuries after he was run over in an
apparent confrontation Thursday.

Lytle was off duty at the time and remains in critical condition Saturday.

Tucson police say that witnesses reported that Lytle was a passenger in
a car driving down a Tucson wrote when an SUV pulled up behind the
car and began flashing its lights and honking its horn.

The driver of the car Lytle was in pulled into a parking lot. When Lytle
got out of the car to speak with the driver of the SUV, the driver ran him
over and fled.

Lytle has been with Nogales fire since Nov. 28, 2011.

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