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Phoenix Zoo set to remember Duchess

PHOENIX – Duchess the orangutan spent over 50 years in the Phoenix Zoo, where thousands were able to see her.

Some of the those thousand were Janette Harless and her kids.

“The kids really like coming to see [the orangutans],” she said. “Two of them were babies when they were little, so they’re about the same age.”

The orangutans are missing one now after 52-year old Duchess died Sunday. Nearly one week after her death, people are set to remember her at her home on Saturday.

“She meant everything to the zoo, and was so iconic,” said Phoenix Zoo spokesperson Linda Hardwick. “She came here at age two and had such a rich history.”

Hardwick said zoo-goers will get the chance to talk with the zoo keepers who knew Duchess for years and get to hear their favorite memories of her. There will also be a 4-foot by 8-foot card available for people to sign.