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Critically injured medical student’s donations stolen

GLENDALE, Ariz.- Scott Moore had life figured out.

He was two rotations away from finishing his third year in medical school at Midwestern University. He was training hard to prepare for a triathalon.

While on a 40-mile bicycle ride in Cottonwood back in March, Scott was going 25 mph downhill through a neighborhood. A car then pulled out of a driveway and Scott hit the vehicle head-on.

“He was in the ICU for about nine days, and was in a coma,” said Ashley Moore, Scott’s wife. “He has a brain injury, multiple facial fractures. Both of his lungs were punctured.”

A medical helicopter took Scott to a hospital in Flagstaff, and then to St. Joseph’s in Phoenix. Three months later, things are a little better. Scott lost the sight in his right eye, and has a year of therapy ahead of him. He is trying to recover from both his physical injuries, as well as his brain injuries, which have hurt his short-term memory.

“He’s just such a hard worker that no matter what he tries, he just succeeds,” said Ashley.

Understandably, the road to Scott’s recovery is an expensive one. Over the past three months, Scott, Ashley, and their friends and family have helped organize fundraisers to foot the bills. One such fundraiser was at a Coldstone Creamery in Peoria on Monday. Scott even helped dish out the ice cream there. Nearly $700 dollars was raised, not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things, but enough to help pay for daily expenses like gas and food.

The day after the fundraiser, Scott and Ashley left to go to therapy then ran a few errands. When they returned home, they found their home near 67th Avenue and Cactus was broken in to.

“The wreath on my front door was gone and as I got closer I saw the front door was kicked in,” said Ashley. “When we went inside, we saw that somebody had gone through the house and the money had been taken.”

Other personal belongings, such as a computer, were also stolen from the home.

“So far we don’t have any leads in this burglary investigation,” said Sgt. Brent Coombs with Glendale Police. “We have any information right now that would lead us to believe they have been targeted.”

Despite the break-in, both Scott and Ashley are keeping a positive attitude.

“Even through all of this, there have been a lot of blessings that have come from an outpouring of love and support from our community,” said Ashley.

Directions on how to donate to the Moores are given below:

Wells Fargo:
Go into any branch (nationwide) and tell them you’d like to make a donation to the “Scott Moore Recovery” account. It can also be found under Andrea Taylor.

America First:
If you have an America First account, go to
Go to “Transfers” and enter this information:
From: (Your account where you want the money transferred from)
To: Another AFCU Account
Account Number: 9051343
Last Name/Business Name: Moore
Account Type: ShareSavings
Transfer Amount: The amount you would like to donate
Frequency: Once