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Phoenix Fire urges parents to consider free pool fences

PHOENIX — As pool activity in the Valley picks up, the Phoenix Fire Department is reminding area residents about drowning prevention.

“We’re on our thirty-third incident [this year] — four child fatalities,” said Fire Capt. Rich Bauer with the United Phoenix Firefighters. “We’ve had about ten near drownings.”

Bauer said in at least one of the drowning incidents, firefighters had been to the family’s home and offered information about free pool fences. A short time later, a 1-year-old boy crawled to the pool and drowned.

“We’ve got the funds, we’ve got the contractor, we’ve got everything in line,” said Baeur. “If you know somebody, even if it’s not your house, let us know. Go to and get them an application. ”

Bauer said he’s baffled by parents who don’t seek help to secure their pools.

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