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Phoenix stripper relates to ‘Magic Mike’

Women have been eager for its release and on Friday they get their wish: “Magic Mike” has hit the big screen.

“There are some parts of that movie that could be based off things that I’ve experienced,” said Jason Wilder, an entertainer with Phoenix-based Men Of the Wild.

A couple of memories he shared with filmmakers involved being slapped so hard on his backside that he had a five-finger bruise on that spot.

“I could see it coming from the side and the next thing I know, it hit me on the backside really hard,” said Wilder.

Another involved an eager audience member who ripped his pants off before the performance even started.

Wilder said, as far as this movie is concerned, art mimics real life. He admits most men in the industry are in it for the women, money and good times, calling it a “rock star” lifestyle.

Wilder, on the other hand, claims to be an exception. He said he doesn’t drink and prefers a good night’s sleep to an all-night party.

“Magic Mike” features Channing Tatum, who plays a veteran stripper who teaches a novice about the industry while looking for life outside of the stripping world.

Watch a review of “Magic Mike,” hosted by News/Talk 92.3 KTAR’s Bruce St. James: