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Paul Babeu: Eric Holder contempt charges not enough

PHOENIX – Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu has been one of Arizona’s most outspoken figures on illegal immigration and he said Attorney General Eric Holder should face criminal charges in connection with Operation Fast and Furious.

Babeu said the federal government put hundreds of weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels and Holder has tried to cover it up.

“Eric Holder clearly has a lot to hide,” said Babeu. “He’s the boss. He has to be responsible for these murders and the hundreds of weapons that have not been recovered.”

Many have tried to compare Fast and Furious with Operation Wide Receiver that was conducted during the Bush administration.

“Very different,” said Babeu. “During Wide Receiver, the ATF coordinated directly with the Mexican authorities. No guns ended up murdering anybody and the whole program was stopped when they couldn’t track the weapons.”

Babeu said 1,400 Fast and Furious guns are still unaccounted for and he believes many of them are in Arizona.

Two weapons connected with that operation were found near the body of murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in 2010 near Nogales.