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Glendale posts monsoon safety webpage

With the monsoon underway, do you know what to do to avoid disaster?

The City of Glendale has posted a storm-safety page on its website that includes tips on how to stay safe at home and on the road during a storm.

“What we have on here is how to be safe when there’s a lot of lightning during a monsoon,” City of Glendale spokeswoman Julie Watters said.

“We tell folks, ‘Stay inside. Avoid lightning hotspots, like open fields, high land, trees, poles, standing bodies of water.’ Things like that.”

Watters also said people should stay off the phone to avoid being shocked, should lightning strike nearby.

The site lists emergency numbers in case someone is stuck in a monsoon, information on the Stupid Motorist Law and how to ride out the storm safely at home.

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