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Man arrested after allegedly bribing child for sex

A 39-year-old Phoenix man was arrested late Tuesday for the alleged abuse of two young boys, one of whom he attempted to bribe into having sex with him.

Police were alerted to the alleged molester, Brian Edmund Dicamillo, after a 10-year-old boy told his parents that Dicamillo offered the boy money to play a game and then have sex with him. Dicamillo also allegedly showed the boy a computer screen that was displaying adult pornography.

Further investigation showed that Dicamillo had been engaging in sexual acts with a 6-year-old boy for two years and also took photos of the boy, possibly for distribution on the Internet.

Dicamillo’s wife, Jennifer Dicamillo, admitted to knowing that her husband had performed sex acts with children but was told by Brian Dicamillo that he would not perform such acts again.

Brian Dicamillo is a bus driver in the Deer Valley School District.

Brian Dicamillo was booked on four counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, one count of furnishing obscene materials to a minor, two counts of sexual conduct with a minor and one count of child prostitution.

Jennifer Dicamillo was booked on two counts of failure to report child abuse.

Anyone with more information on this case is asked to contact the Phoenix Police Department at (623) 466-1829 or Silent Witness at (480) WITNESS.