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Dust storms can wreak havoc with pools

The dust storm that swept through southeast Arizona on Tuesday is a reminder that the monsoon can turn swimming pools into muddy messes.

It’s the busiest time of the year for pool-service companies, preparing filters to brace for mud that can gather at a pool’s bottom.

“It can be tough on pools with the swimmers, the dust and the heat that equipment often can’t withstand,” said Michael Love, owner of Love Pool Care in Phoenix.

Last year’s historic haboob was brutal on pools. Love said he took calls for months related to the July 5 dust storm.

“If you don’t take precautions before the storm or the day of the storm and let things sit, that’s when algae and other problems can start popping up,” Love said.

If precautions aren’t taken, pool owners should be prepared for a bill two- or three-times what is normally paid for pool service.