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Strategists see spin in action post-SB 1070 ruling

PHOENIX — The leading political voices on the SB 1070 issue are as far apart on the spectrum as is possible, but both sides are declaring victory in Monday’s Supreme Court ruling.

Valley political strategist Mike O’Neil knows spin when he hears it.

“If you have any opportunity to spin as a win, you,” he told 92.3 KTAR. “And if you don’t have a winner you can use spin to rally the troops and fight.”

After watching and listening to the reaction to the Supreme Court decision, O’Neil thought Republican supporters of 1070 were having a harder time making their case.

Conservative political strategist Stan Barnes said both Democrats and Republicans can use the ruling against each other in the upcoming election. But no one knows how it will play with voters in the middle that will help them decide in toss-up races.

“That voter is trying to be detached and deal only in the facts because it’s hard to determine from an outside view what has really transpired with the high court ruling.”

Barnes said it’s difficult to see a clear winner in this matter and maybe there isn’t one.

“It is whatever you want it to be,” he said.