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Phoenix Chief of Police vows to protect residents’ civil rights

Racial profiling continues to be a major concern for many Arizona residents. Some critics argue racial profiling is inevitable and it’s human nature to abuse power, however the Chief of Police for the city of Phoenix, Daniel Garcia maintains that he will protect residents’ civil liberties.

“We are going to stick to the ethical foundation of policing, which I call treating people with dignity and respect. We are going to protect people’s rights, democracy, justice, spirit of service, fundamental fairness and protecting people from harm,” Garcia said.

Garcia wants to assure city residents there is zero tolerance when it comes to racial profiling.

He also said Monday’s Supreme Court ruling will have minimal impact on Phoenix police policies, adding the department has been enforcing parts of the law since July of 2010.

Garcia said every officer of the department will be trained and educated on the law and any changes associated with it due to Monday’s Supreme Court ruling within seven weeks.

“We will continue to enforce the law in compliance with the Supreme Court decision. The Phoenix Police Department will enforce all laws in a manner to ensure equal justice is provided to every person irrespective of race, color or national origin,” Garcia said.