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Homeland Security chief Napolitano pleased with ruling

Secretary of Homeland Security and former Arizona Gov.
Janet Napolitano on SB 1070:

“I am pleased that the U.S. Supreme Court confirmed that
state laws cannot dictate the federal government’s
immigration enforcement policies or priorities. DHS
remains focused on enhancing public safety and the
integrity of our border by prioritizing enforcement
resources on those who are in the country unlawfully and
committing crimes, those who have repeatedly violated our
immigration laws, and those who recently crossed our
borders illegally.

“The Court’s decision not to strike down Section Two at
this time will make DHS’s work more challenging.
Accordingly, DHS will implement operational enhancements
to its programs in Arizona to ensure that the agency can
remain focused on its priorities. Over the past three and
half years, this Administration has dedicated
unprecedented resources to secure the border and to
enforcing our nation’s immigration laws in a firm and
reasonable fashion.

“We continue to urge Congress to pass comprehensive reform
because nothing short of a comprehensive solution will
resolve the current patchwork of immigration laws.

“Finally, it is important to note that today’s Supreme
Court decision will not impact the memorandum I issued on
June 15th related to prosecutorial discretion eligibility
for productive members of society who were brought to the
United States as children.”