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Protests scheduled now that SB 1070 ruling has come down

PHOENIX — Thousands of people rallied outside of the
Tent City Jail Saturday to oppose Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s
jail policies. Many of the same protestors will be
protesting again now that the Supreme
Court has announced its ruling on Senate Bill 1070

Caroline Picker with Puente Arizona, an immigrant rights
group, said the organization has a rapid response in place
once the decision comes down, and will bring protesters to
the ICE headquarters in Phoenix.

“Because no matter what comes down to that decision, we
know SB 1070 is neither the beginning of what attacks
immigrant communities,” Picker said.

Arpaio was at Saturday’s protests, and has said that his
office is ready to deal with any scenario that develops
once the high court deliver a ruling.

Protesters have made aware that their rally is planned to
begin at 4 p.m.

Orlando Arenas is one of the many protesters.

“We’re strictly nonviolent and we’re committed to
nonviolence,” Arenas said.

Arpaio said that Saturday’s protest cost taxpayers
thousands of dollars, and said that he’s sending the bill
to protest organizers.