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Valley entrepreneur uses religion, buyers to distribute shoes worldwide

God and feet are the perfect combination for one Arizona
State University graduate.

“We’re not ashamed to say we are Christian and wear out
faith on our sleeve,” said David Gillette, founder of God

Gillette is not only wearing his faith on his sleeve, but
feet as well. He founded the company God Feet. Every pair
of flip flops or any other product comes with a verse from
the Bible and a faith-inspired design.

The clothing and footwear can be considered more than
novelty items — Gillette has a mission.

“There are over 3 billion people around the world, not
just children, people that lack the basic necessities of
life including footwear,” he said. “Our vision at God Feet
is to supply resources to all of them.”

For every pair of flip flops purchased, one pair will
directly benefit someone who doesn’t own a pair of shoes.

God Feet has recently partnered with Phoenix-based Food
for the Hungry. By the end of the year, both organizations
plan to take supplies and 800,000 pairs of shoes to people
in Burundi, Africa.