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Waiting out SB 1070 decision fraying nerves of many in Valley

PHOENIX — About a dozen people camped out overnight at the State Capitol and said Thursday despite the heat they are not leaving until the Supreme Court rules on SB 1070.

That decision could come Monday or next Thursday.

Annabelle Duran is originally from Mexico but has spent the past 20 years in Phoenix. She said many believe that the high court will reinstate all or portions of the state’s tough immigration law that were stripped out by the lower court. She fears it will snowball to other states.

“It’s affecting everyone, everyone. If it happens here it will happen in other states. Some people believe running away from Arizona will be the solution but it won’t be,” she said.

Jose Valdez of Buckeye doesn’t believe the Latino community will get the ruling it hopes for since the Supreme Court leans conservatively. He said right now the only support they have is from the president.

“President Obama gave the DREAM Act a new pulse. I pray that 1070 will be erased but I don’t think so. Politics play a big part in this issue and from all the information I have, 1070’s outcome in the high court won’t be in our favor.”