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Ahead of SB 1070 decision, vigil-holding group comes together

PHOENIX — For over two years, hundreds upon hundreds of members of the Latino community have come together in prayer at the State Capitol.

Every Sunday evening, a committed group has held vigil, praying for a favorable outcome as SB 1070 makes its way through the legislative process.

“Through prayer and by bringing the community in prayer, it gave people strength to come forward and organize in the community,” said Petra Falcon of Promise Arizona.

The vigils started before the controversial bill was signed into law in April 2010.

“SB 1070 was moved forward to the governor’s desk,” said Falcon. “She had seven to eight days to sign it and our community decided we needed to take action.”

For Promise Arizona, its faith and dedication proved fruitless. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed the bill, but with the stroke of her pen the group became even more determined to organize.

“In the last two years, we have seen how our community has come together, we have seen people’s lives transformed, we have seen people engaged more than ever before,” said Falcon.

Promise Arizona said it has helped register over 10,000 Latino voters.