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Avoid costly cellphone fees and save hundreds of dollars

Switching to a new cellphone carrier can cost as much
as $35 per line just to activate the new wireless plan,
according to Other fees can
add up to hundreds, as well. But there are ways to save.

For a family with four lines, that $35 activation fee adds
up to $140. If customers threaten to leave, however, the
salesman might waive the fee or let them know when
promotions are available, allowing them to sign up without
activation fees, according to the article.

The cost for terminating a contract early can cost around
$350, according to the article. Customers can negotiate to
make the cancellation fee smaller or get rid of it
completely. People with good reasons for cancelling, such
as moving out of the country, are more likely to succeed.
If that doesn’t work, people can always try selling their
contracts on

Most of the major cellphone providers charge about $20 a
month for unlimited text messaging, but there’s also a way
around that fee. Consumers with iPhones or Androids can
bypass the monthly texting bill by downloading the
Textfree app, according to Kiplinger. The app lets users
send and receive text and picture messages for free over a
Wi-Fi or data connection. That will save $240 a year.