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Arizona medical-marijuana program lures out-of-state applicants

PHOENIX — Arizona’s medical-marijuana program is becoming popular with people running similar dispensaries in other states.

Among the applicants to dole out medical marijuana in Arizona is a family operated dispensary in Washington state. Medical marijuana attorney Ryan Hurley of the Rose Law Group said Arizona’s tough requirements has dispensaries itching to set up shop here.

“Gives them a certainty with regard to their investment. In California, for example, it’s difficult for them to know when they’re complying
with the law because there’s a complete absence of regulation,” Hurley said.

He said successfully running a medical-marijuana dispensary in another state will not give out-of-staters a leg up here in the application process, but it does give them an experience advantage over first-time dispensaries

“There’s a lot of nuances in this industry, from the federal legal risk to deduct items from taxes. If you’ve had that experience you’re going into this with your eyes more wide open.”

The first medical-marijuana dispensary in Arizona should be in operation in the fall.