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Birthing photographer captures first moments of new life

GILBERT, Ariz. — It’s not uncommon for parents to have pictures taken of themselves when the mother-to-be is pregnant, or just days after the baby is born. But what about those moments in the delivery room? Capturing those moments is becoming more common.

“People tend to document everything of their children’s lives, so why not the beginning of it?” said Laura Winslow, a professional photographer from Gilbert.

Winslow has done three photo shoots in the delivery room. She might do more. Birth photographers are just like the doctors delivering; on-call 24 hours a day.

“You never know if a birth is going to be long, or if it’s going to be fast and you need to be their right away. It’s not normal working hours. Babies come at all times of the day,” said Winslow.

When she is shooting photos in the delivery room, Winslow said she is trying to document every moment in there.

“You try to capture the looks on the parent’s face when they first see their child, the praying over the wife as she is going through labor, the IVs, everything,” said Winslow.

She prefers shooting in in black and white for more dynamic and artistic effects.