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AT&T introduces live translation service

For anyone traveling abroad, it’s OK to leave the translation dictionary at home.

AT&T has rolled out a new mobile service to reach a live interpreter 24/7 anywhere in the world.

AT&T Arizona spokesman Scott Huscher said “AT&T On-Demand Interpreter” can be an tool for businesses.

“It could be used by federal government agencies who need to work with a lot of different, diverse groups,” he said, “as well as health-care providers. It’s also something that’s great for first responders in emergencies. When they get on-scene and someone is hurt and they can’t communicate with them, it can help bridge that language gap.”

Subscribers to the $10-per-month service can dial (star) 4 on the phones. When someone answers, the caller tells that person what language they need assistance with. The caller is then transferred to a live interpreter.

About 170 languages will be available.