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Keep eye on pooches near the pool

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Many dogs have a natural love of water and swimming. However, that doesn’t mean they can handle themselves in the water.

Dr. James Day is a veterinarian with Glendale Animal Hospital, and said as summer drags on, he handles more dog drownings.

“Unfortunately dogs that drown get in to a pool when they aren’t supposed to. They get through the fence,” said Day.

According to Day, breeds that have shorter legs with a larger chest are the most likely to sink. That includes bulldogs and basset hounds.

Another danger for dogs is they can’t grab on to the ledge. For many dogs, the only way they can get out of a pool is by climbing the steps.

“Get the dog used to the water and show them where steps are and which direction to go. Most dogs can hoist themselves up if they get on that step, but many dogs get caught on the ledge and they may not be strong enough to pull themselves out,” said Day.