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Check vacation spot for bed bugs

PHOENIX — Don’t let the bed bugs bite. You also might
want to make sure
they’re not wherever you are on vacation.

Bed bugs are a problem. “They are insects. They’re
considered parasites,”
said Amy Padilla of Truly Nolan pest control. “They feed
on blood,
obviously. They’re attracted to our breath and our body

Padilla said a bed bug bite is harmless, but can itch. The
small bugs are
about the size of watermelon seeds. They’re not only found
in beds, but
also on airplanes, movie theaters and all over the place.

Padilla suggested taking a flashlight when you go on
vacation. It
will help in a search of the hotel room for bed bugs.

“Use your flashlight to look behind headboards. Peel back
all of the linen
on the mattresses, looking in the seams, nightstands. They
can even fit
between the pages in books, believe it or not,” Padilla

If they get into a home, get all the sheets into the
laundry room. “It’s
almost like you have to quarantine them to a specific
place, so that they’re
not being spread throughout the structure,” said Padilla.
“You’ll be doing a
lot of washing of linens.”

If bed bugs get into a house, Padilla suggested calling a
pest control company with experience how to get rid of

Dr. Sam Benjamin Health Update – Bed Bugs